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Member Intoductions for “Love Live -Sunshine-” Revealed!

Love Live Sunshine

Included in the Dengeki G’s Magazine May 2015 issue are the introductions for Love Live Sunshine members! Although I have no idea who is saying who yet for there are no names given, it raises our hype and expectations for these new and unique characters!

On to the intros!

Becoming an idol… At first, I thought that it was like an impossible, different world for us who live in the countryside, that we will give it up before even trying. But then… If you don’t give up, every dream can come true because the School Idol μ’s we adored taught us that. Everyone is laughing at us but I’m really serious about this. Us, too; we want to shine!


I came from Akihabara the first time I visited this school… not to mention it was located in the middle of a mountain full of oranges. But now, every time I remember that, it really was like a series of surprises and laughs. However, now, it has become a place I’m the most fond of.


So everytime I try to swim straight without thinking about anything while being swamped by the blue waves, somehow my head starts to feel empty. Well, for the time being, I’m helping my cute childhood friend’s plan. It’s such a mystery, huh?


It is normally impossible that I would ever be influenced by such a shameless activity like being a school idol, but… Because I have lost the battle, then it cannot be helped. But since I participated… I would absolutely never forgive you if we do not become number one idols, okay?


Just by looking at these black eyes… I’m sure that you will fall in love♪ Hey, did you know? I’m actually… a demon? How is it? Do you want to become a fallen angel together with me? I’m sure it would definitely be fun♪


This district’s pride are: the green mountains surrounded by the blue sea, the vast sky with the dazzling sun, and light and fluffy white clouds surrounding it… Everyday I feel blessed just by looking at those sceneries.


My dream is to fulfill everyone’s dreams for giving me this special place. I will walk with that kind of thinking, and I, recently, feel like I’ve realized it for the first time.


They are reaaaaa~lly cute, Japanese idols! But somehow it’s kind of intense for me… Hmm, maybe I’m not really suited to be one. Ahahahaha~♪ That’s why I’m sorry. To everyone who wants to do it, I will cheer for you from afar♡ Well then, I have my horse riding lessons today, so I will go home now, okay? Ciao~♪♪


I’ve never thought that I would ever be a school idol, but… but I just can’t leave that girl, my best friend, alone, so… I thought that this might be something like a person’s fate, so I will do my best! I would be happy if there’s someone who can understand my feelings♪

Note: This character speaks a mixture of Tohoku-ben and Tokyo-ben. (Just like Nozomi, who speaks in Kansai-ben and Tokyo-ben.)


U- Um, I’m actually… Until now, I’ve never talked to a man aside from my father. That’s why I’m not good with men… Because of that, I’m really nervous right now, but with my eyes closed, I will do my best!


My special skills are high diving and weather forecasting! My daily routines are muscle training and running, to follow the footsteps of my father, whom I respect. I think it’s nice if I can become a ferry captain in the future! Umm, is this really good like this? It doesn’t really sound like an idol’s introduction, but oh well!


This whole line up is very interesting and grand! You’ve got a majime-chan (Serious character, about being an idol), Orange-chan, Gay Swimmer-chan, Tsundere Ojousama-chan who hates losing, the Devil, Sceneries-chan, Totally MC Introduction, Totally Gay for Idol’s-chan + horse riding hell yeah, Tohoku-chan, Yukiho 2.0 and Muscle-chan who wants to become a Ship(per) captain.

I think, they look like an interesting bunch. How about you? What do you think?

*Love Live! Sunshine!! Cast:

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