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[Download] TWICE 2ND TOUR ‘TWICELAND ZONE 2 Fantasy Park’

TWICE 2nd Tour ‘TWICELAND Zone 2: Fantasy Park’ is the second world tour held by TWICE. The first leg was held from May 18 to 20, 2018, in Jamsil Indoor Stadium, Seoul, South Korea.

Spoiler for: Tracklist
Intro “You in My Heart (널 내게 담아)”
1 “Like Ooh-Ahh (Ooh-Ahh하게)”
2 “Ponytail”
3 “Cheer Up”
4 “Hold Me Tight”
5 “Likey”
6 “Look At Me (날 바라바라봐)”
7 “Someone Like Me”
8 “Turtle (거북이)”
9 “Stuck”
10 “Touchdown”
11 “Signal (KBS Remix)”
12 “Valenti” (BoA cover)
13 “Rainism” (Rain cover) (Dahyun solo)
14 “End of Time” (Beyoncé cover) (Jihyo, Momo & Tzuyu)
15 “My Ear’s Candy (내 귀에 캔디)” (Baek Ji Young cover) (Nayeon & Jeongyeon duet)
16 “Oppa (오빠)” (Wax cover) (Sana, Mina & Chaeyoung)
17 “Knock Knock (Remix)”
18 “Sweet Talker”
19 “What is Love?”
20 “Missing U”
21 “Only U (Only 너)”
22 “Really Really” (WINNER cover)
23 “FFW”
24 “TT”
25 “Heart Shaker”
26 “One in a Million”
27 “What is Love? (Acoustic ver.)”
28 Encore – “Like Ooh-Ahh (Ooh-Ahh하게)”
29 Encore – “Cheer Up”
30 Encore – “TT”
31 Encore – “Knock Knock”
32 Encore – “Signal”
33 Encore – “Likey”
34 Encore – “Heart Shaker”
35 Encore – “What is Love?”

Format: MP4 H.264
Resolusi: HD 720p
Tipe: BD – RAW
Rilis: 21 Agustus 2019
Size: Disc 1: 1.64 GB | Disc 2: 761 MB
Durasi: Disc 1: 1 Jam 54 Menit | Disc 2: 1 Jam 15 Menit

Disc 1 (Main Concert)
Disc 2 (Encore Concert)

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  2. Hi can you upload Go Go Gfriend in Seoul DVD or Bluray? im actually looking for it pls upload it thanks

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