[Download] Oregairu Festival

Festival from Oregairu Seiyuu’s anime. This event took place on October 4, 2015.

idk for the long description, sorry

Title: Oregairu Festival
: MP4 H.264
Resolusi: HD 720p
Tipe: Blu-ray – English Subtitle (maybe from BD, idk)
Released: idk
Size: 278 MB
Durasi: 59 Menit


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  1. hello can you upload anime dance with devils seiyuu event and anime diabolik lovers seiyuu event in your blog? please! because i think you can find this in other sites. you can find concerts or lots of things in other sites . but i love download concerts and lots thing in your site . your blog is the best!

  2. but this is festival from dance with devils Seiyuu’s anime and festival from diabolik lovers Seiyuu’s anime!

    1. sorry, i don’t have it.. if you have the information about the DVD/Blu-ray released, please contact me 🙂

      and if that “festival” has been released to DVD/Blu-ray, just wait till i get the BD-RAW..

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