[Download] Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE- #1 revival

Features last day performance at AiiA 2.5 Theater Tokyo held on Jan.8, 2018. Include talk show after the event and backstage footage

Disc 1: Opera + Live (Clean ver.)  | Disc 2: Backstage + Talk Show After Event (Bilibili ver.)

Title: Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight -The LIVE- #1
Format: MP4 H.264
Resolusi: HD 720p
Tipe: BD – English Subtitle (Disc 1) | BD-RAW (Disc 2)
Rilis: 27 Juni 2018
Size: Disc 1: 355 MB | Disc 2: 233 MB
Durasi: Disc 1: 1 Jam 14 Menit | Disc 2: 25 Menit 22 Detik

Disc 1
Disc 2

Disc 1 sudah diupdate dan ditambah Subtitle Inggris (Softsub). / Disc 1 has been update and come with English Subtitle (Softsub).


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  1. Tried to find it on youtube, I’m sorry, I did not not think there’s a possibility this will have it but also, Thanks!

  2. Min, nanya dong. Kok versi blibli 1 jam 53 menit, versi yang ini cuma 1 jam 14 menit ya? Emang dipotong versi BDnya atau gimana? Saya belum sempet nonton hehe, cuma download aja

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