[Download] Saori Hayami 1st Concert Tour 2016 “Live Love Laugh”

Live footage from the Live Love Laugh Live Event on 2016.10.29 at Ichikawa City Cultural Hall. This video is featured on album “Live for Live”.

Spoiler for: Tracklist
  1. Overture -Live Love Laugh-
  2. NOTE
  3. Yasashii Kibou (やさしい希望; Kind Hope)
  4. Suisou (水槽; Aquarium)
  5. MC1
  6. Furidashi (ふりだし)
  7. Sono Koe ga Chizu ni Naru (その声が地図になる; The Voice Becomes a Map)
  8. Ame no Suiheisen (雨の水平線)
  9. Aru Yuragu Hi (あるゆらぐひ; Those Uncertain Days)
  10. HAYAMInst.
  11. Rendan (レンダン; Duet)
  12. MC2
  13. Secret
  14. ESCORT
  15. eve
  16. MC3
  17. Bokura no Answer (僕らのアンサー; Our Answer)
  18. where we are
  19. Installation
  20. MC4
  22. Blue Hour ni Inori wo (ブルーアワーに祈りを; Prayer in the Blue Hour)
  23. MC5
  24. Hoshi ni Natte -ENCORE- (星になって; Becoming a Star)
  25. MC6
  26. To years letter -ENCORE-

Title: Saori Hayami 1st Concert Tour 2016 “Live Love Laugh”
Format: MP4 H.264
Resolusi: HD 720p
Tipe: BD – RAW
Rilis: 21 Desember 2018
Size: 366 MB
Durasi: 2 Jam 8 Menit


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