[Download] IDOLiSH7 1st LIVE “Road To Infinity”

Road To Infinity is the first live by the IDOLiSH7 held 2 days concert on July 7 & 8, 2018 at the MetLife Dome located in Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan.

Note :

  1. *maap ke-1, saya gak tau tracklistnya / sorry i don’t know for the tracklist*
  2. *maap ke-2, saya belum punya/dapat BD dari IDOLiSH7 2nd Live, kalau sudah punya atau ada yang kirim BDnya, akan langsung saya kerjakan / sorry i don’t have IDOLiSH7 2nd Live, if i have or anyone sent BD to me, i’ll encode it.

Title: IDOLiSH7 1st LIVE “Road To Infinity”
Format: MP4 H.264
Resolusi: HD 720p
Tipe: SATRip (Satellite Rip) – RAW
Tayang: 7-8 Juli 2018 (Live Viewing from Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong)
Size: Day 1: 2.18 GB | Day 2: 2.46 GB
Durasi: Day 1: 3 Jam 52 Menit | Day 2: 4 Jam 14 Menit

Day 1
Day 2

*UPDATED: 24 February 2019 –  File has been Reuploaded*


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  1. thanks for this concert .can you upload 【TSUKIPRO】 SQP -SQ PARTY 2017 SUMMER in your blog please?and its realased and its BD and you can buy this in amazon or CDjapan . plese upload this concert and its easy to search

    1. hi! before that:

      1. request only on page Request,
      2. i dont have it,
      3. i will not buy it, because i don’t like tsukipro (i only buy Blu-ray that I like it), so just wait the video in the Torrent and i will encode it 🙂

  2. thank you very very much. this concert its very good. upload this concerts like this because its good. now i want to say thank you in persian because i am iranian. خیلی ممنون بخاطر این کنسرت زیبا .oh my nick name is mikasa and my real name is mahboobeh. just this. thank you very very much . i love this blog

    1. Thanks mahboobeh-san for uploading 3 video of Soma Saito in youtube. By the way how can you buy it if your country Iran is not on the list. Did you find it online or in chinese website.
      Thank you!

  3. Hello!
    i tried toopen the google drive one, but it said abused content and i couldn’t open.
    is it already taken down?

  4. Makasih banyak gan! gw kira gw harus nunggu setengah tahun lagi dan ngorek ngorek dompet gw demi ngeliat ini konser :”)))

  5. Hi, can i know how to download the file? It jumps to and, and no google drive….. I really want to watch the show, thank you =3=

  6. aaaa aku senang sekali
    aku pertama kali download konser Utapri di sini dan untuk konser yang lain lumayan lengkap dan pas banget aku baru suka sama Idolish7 dan upload jugaaa 😀 senangnyaaa
    terima kasih banyak
    berjaya terus Pradja Dj!!

  7. Hello
    Kindly, i ask you to delete this.
    Seiyuus and the staff doesn’t want this to be spread on the internet and the dvd isn’t out yet.
    This is illegal and we don’t them to think of the international fans are bad……

    1. Personally I say they delete it when the DVD is released , this way you can get a glimpse on what the content is and then when it comes out you will support it. At least I hope people do. I certainly know I want to, but the DVD just won’t be released already and I cannot contain my curiosity anymore..(Ive been saving money for when the day comes though)

  8. Thank you so much upload this. But dont worry i already preordered this road to infinity dvd day1 and 2.. and admin can you please upload the Idolish7 fan thankgiving party Vol 1, 2 and 3 please….

  9. Thank you so much!!!!
    But i don’t know how to download it.
    When i press the download bottom then will go to this website.
    I don’t know what happen. Can you help me??

        1. untuk IDOLiSH7 2nd Live belum ada yg ngirim BDnya nih, ku cuma ada versi TV doang itu pun gak lengkap..

          kemarin aja yg 1st Live itu dikirimin sama seseorang yang baik hati 😅😅

  10. Hello! Thank you for sharing the video!

    I already read how to download the file but somehow after I clicked the ‘get link’/’visit link’ button, it’s not directed immediately to the google drive, but random ads pages instead. I’ve tried to download the file since last Sunday and nothing changed. Can you tell me what should I do? Thank you before!

    1. Hi,

      hhmm.. what should you do? i say “just see the video on page How to Download“.
      The order like this: My Blog > Short URL 1 (via SafelinkU) > My Short URL > Short URL 2 (via Adsnesia) > Google Drive.
      Pay attention to the popup windows ads.

  11. Min, ini bisa dipake di android gak? Atau cuman laptop? Kalau bisa bagaimana cara nya? Soal nya udah download di android, pas di ekstrak gagal mulu :”(

    (dan aku berharap kamu juga bakal upload konser mereka yang kedua setelah BR-nya keluar nanti ^^)

  13. cinta banget sama kamu min. thanks yaaaakkkkk. baru kelar nonton animenya, langsung cus nyari konsernya. seiyuunya kesukaan aku semua <3 <3 <3

  14. Im gonna say thank you for re uploading. It’s unsuccessful in laptop but in my android phone the 2 rar is downloading but my phone get slow because the file is big. Im a buyer in cd japan but i lost my file in rti when my laptop repair. Altbough i saw the separate live in bilibli. Im waiting for Idolish7 2nd live reunion but it’s not available in cd priracy store in live viewing. Copyright owner got strict about what happened in unauthorize reproduction in Bilibili etc. and respect it. Waiting for blu ray/dvd release in future. Once again thanks for the file.

  15. Please admin make it unlisted or hide this link.
    Because when i search idolish7 2nd live reunion download your on top search and they might take down again by Bandai Namco and Lantis. I only say it for concern but i cant say please delete or stop reprinting. As international fans of this seiyuu plus rhymitic games. Getting a free link is good but for others it’s unfair when they buy the expensive blu-ray/dvd. I also searching dvd from piracy cd stand in live viewing but i can’t find because the copyright owner learn from previous, so i wait for release. Sorry and thank you!

  16. Thanks for the link, it’s working and i see your watermark. After the rar, it’s become mp4, i hope my space not get full. May i know what is the best dvd ripper application because i need suggestion to save it. And do you have Sacra Music Fes 2019 not the M-on but the bluray/dvd, i only ask if you find it. Sorry and thank you.

  17. Great thing that i save the copy of digest of idolish7 2nd live reunion on cable channel. And the release date of blu-ray dvd on February 05, 2019. I look up the price 7700¥ each for day 1 and 2. So if i buy it’s 15400¥. [convert in your currency] Oh no my wallet! Free is better but when you holding the physical cd, live photos etc. is endless happiness. So it’s great if there’s a good samaritan to share some other seiyuu concert live in the following months. I hope i find one but please support your favorite artist buy buying the original cd. Sorry for ranting my thoughts here. Gomenasai!

  18. You are the source in this youtube channel @
    Animax Music 2019
    Your watermark here, thanks for sharing but encode also next time, please do not repost in other platform, it’s scatter in every site, mostly in bilibili.
    because it was always taken down in youtube, especially idolish rti, it was gone before.
    Sorry and Thank you!

  19. I back to surprise to have a reply, ok thank you! I will think later. There are many in but i don’t know other method like getting/save currently show in Japan or blu-ray dvd wout buying.
    Thanks for your all hardwork here…
    But re encode next time because it’s always re upload in every sites.

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