[Download] Haruka Tomatsu 3rd Live Tour 2015 “Welcome! Harukarisk*Land!!!”

Haruka Tomatsu 3rd Live Tour 2015 Welcome! Harukarisk Land

Blu-ray release of Tomatsu Haruka 3rd live tour

Spoiler for 'Tracklist'
  1. Fan Fun Parade
  2. Fantastic Soda!!
  3. Motto Hade nine!!
  4. Love Roller Coaster
  5. No.1 GIRL
  6. Hikari Gift
  7. In Our Hands
  8. Yume Sekai
  10. Attention Please
  11. Oh My God
  12. Girls, Be Ambitious.
  13. courage
  14. Q & A Recital!
  15. Koi wo Uchinuke
  16. Marirarerura

Title: Haruka Tomatsu 3rd Live Tour 2015 “Welcome! Harukarisk*Land!!!”
: MP4 H.264
Resolusi: HD 720p
Type: Blu-ray Disc – RAW
Rilis: 17 Februari 2016
Durasi: 2 jam 9 menit
Size: 851 MB


*Update: 10 February 2018 – File have been Reupload*


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