[Download] Ensemble Stars! On Stage (and other Stage Play)

The Ensemble Stars! On Stage Stage Play was produced by Marvelous! Rather than a musical, it is a series of stage plays, inspiring sequels Ensemble Stars! On Stage~Take Your Marks!~Ensemble Stars! On Stage~Judge of Knights~ , and Ensemble Stars! On Stage ~To the Shining Future~.

The first two shows ran in the AiiA Theater in Harajuku, Tokyo for their performances, while Judge of Knights ran in 1010 Theater.

Run Time

  • June 18, 2016  ~ June 26, 2016 (On Stage)
  • January 5 ~ January 15, January 25 ~ January 29, 2017 (Take Your Marks!)
  • September 7 ~ September 18, September 22 ~ September 24, 2017 (Judge of Knights)
  • January 19 ~ January 21, January 25 ~ February 5, 2018 (To the Shining Future)

Title: Ensemble Stars! On Stage ~Stage Play~
Format: MKV H.264
Resolusi: SD 480p
Tipe: DVD – English Subtitle
Rilis: 25 Juni 2016 (On Stage)
Size: *see the images above*
Durasi: *see the images above*

On Stage (Main Video)
On Stage (Documentary)
Take Your Marks!
Judge of Knights
To the Shining Future

UPDATE : 31 March 2019 – To the Shining Future has been Reuploaded


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  1. Excuse me, but why is the file for To The Shining Future is damaged? I tried to extract the file multiple times and it told me that the file is damaged/ no archive found.

*NB: Laporan error tanpa screenshot akan diabaikan. / Error report without screenshot will be declined

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