[UPDATE] INFO : Some of my Google Drive Account has been Takedown



Jadi, udah pada tau (buat yang liat popup infonya) kalau beberapa akun Google Drive gw ke takedown sama Googlenya? dan otomatis file yang ada di GDrive tersebut tidak bisa akses (Request File Permission / File Not Found) dan gw mau kasih tau kalau ada file yang harus di encode ulang (lagi) sama seperti waktu itu, nah, gw mau minta tolong ke kalian, kalau kalian punya video yang udah gw encode dari list yang ada dibawah ini, tolong upload filenya ke Google Drive mana aja, dan kasih linknya ke email gw ya di halo[at]pradjadj.com, list file konsernya bisa dilihat dibawah ini ya. Makasih :


So, you already know (if you see the popup info) some of my Google Drive account got takedown? and that files in my GDrive account can’t be access (Request File Permission / File Not Found) and I want to tell you, there must be video will be encode (again) same like that time, nah, I want you to help me, if you have the video that I have been encoded, that I tell on below, please upload it to Google Drive or whatever and give me the link via email halo[at]pradjadj.com, list file for the concert can see on below. Thanks:

  1. DREAMS COME TRUE WONDERLAND 2015 Wonderland Oukoku to 3-tsu no Dan
  2. Korea Music Festival 2018 (08.08.2018)
  3. Nogizaka46 Manatsu no Zenkoku Tour 2017 FINAL! IN TOKYO DOME (Disc 1 & Disc 2)
  4. RO-KYU-BU! Live 2013 Final Game
  5. THE IDOLM@STER 765 MILLIONSTARS HOTCHPOTCH FESTIV@L!! (only Day 2 has been reupload)
Spoiler for: File has been reuploaded and can be downloaded again
  1. 69th NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen
  2. AAA Arena Tour 2014 -Gold Symphony-
  3. Aikatsu! Music Festa 2017
  4. Aikatsu! Music Festa 2018
  5. ANIMAX MUSIX FALL 2010 (Part 1-3)
  6. Aqours CLUB CD SET 2018
  7. B-PROJECT Summer Live 2018 -Eternal Pacific- (SATRip ver.)
  8. fripSide 15th Anniversary Tour 2017-2018 ‘crossroads’ supported by animelomix
  9. Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai 2015
  10. i☆Ris 1st Live Tour 2015 ~We are i☆Ris!!!~ @ Zepp Tokyo (Disc 1 & Disc 2) [DVD 480p]
  11. IDOLiSH 7 1st LIVE Road To Infinity (Day 1 & Day 2)
  12. Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Mini Live 2016
  13. LUNATIC FEST. 2015
  14. Petit Milady 1st Live Blu-ray Cute de Pop na Twinkle Senshi
  15. THE iDOLM@STER 9th Anniversary [Day 2 Disc 2 – BD 720p]
  16. THE IDOLM@STER Million Live! 1st Live (All Discs)
  17. THE IDOLM@STER Million Live! 2nd Live (All Discs)
  18. THE IDOLM@STER Million Live! 3rd Live (All Discs)
  19. THE IDOLM@STER Million Live! 4th Live (All Discs)
  25. TWICE – TWICELAND ‘THE OPENING’ (Disc 1 & Disc 2)
  26. Yukari Tamura Love Live “Fruits Fruits Cherry” & “Caramel Ribbon”

*Catatan, request akan dibuka setelah semua list ini selesai atau gw ada waktu luang*

*Note, request will be opened if all this list is finished or I have free time*

All list in Spoiler, You can go to that page for download the concert. 😊

LIST UPDATED : 4 MAY 2019 @ 2.40 AM (GMT+7)

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  1. I’m want to help but I don’t have any video that you list above…. Sorry.
    I have all Love Live stuff that I download from this site except that 2 ( no4 & no14)

  2. maksudnya kirim ke google drive mana aja gimana?:”” maap galham
    insya allah kalo kuota lebih ku upload in beberapa hehe
    di list ya yg udah ada, takutnya pas aku upload udh ada org yg upload jg hehe

  3. I could try to upload THE iDOLM@STER Million Live! 2nd Live and THE IDOLM@STER 765 MILLIONSTARS HOTCHPOTCH FESTIV@L!! (but I have only day 2 of hotchpotch)
    Do you still need these videos?

  4. Hi! I have IDOLiSH7 Road to Infiny (DAY 1 AND 2) already on my drive, can u send an e-mail? ’cause i can’t send the link for this one writen there?

    Sorry english inst my first language so, maybe, have some errors

  5. I know request is not open yet but…

    im@s Million Live 1st Live:
    – Day 1 Disc 1 is down.
    – Day 1 Disc 2 needs permission.
    – Day 2 Disc 1 needs permission.
    – Day 2 Disc 1 needs permission.

  6. I downloaded the Aikatsu Music Festas onto my computer and privately uploaded them to YouTube so when I can get to my computer tomorrow I can send you the videos. It’s really annoying that they got taken down and I hope you can find everything else you’re looking for.

  7. Gan gw mau tanya link BanG Dream yang garupa live in tokyo link nya rusak juga ya? Pas gw buka tulisannya url yg diminta tidak ditemukan.

  8. Hello! I have the “Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Mini Live 2016” and i have it in MEGA. Can i send it or it must be in Google Drive?
    (Sorry for my bad English but Italian is my first language)

  9. Hello!

    Can I request Ensemble Stars! On Sage FESTIVAL


    DISK 1, DISK 2, DISK 3
    Release Data: 2019.03.20
    仕 様 :
    DISC1:本編映像 DISC2:全景映像 DISC3:バックステージ映像 予定

    I BEG YOU! 😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Can I request

    1. Musical Star-Myu / ミュージカル「スタミュ」
    2.Musical Star-Myu Second Season / Musical「StarMyu」- 2nd Season
    ミュージカル「スタミュ」- 2ndシーズン

  11. Hey, I have the Ensemble Star to the Shining Future stage play. I won’t have time to upload it today, but I’ll try my best to upload it tomorrow if you still need it.

  12. looking at lunatic fest 2015 post getting me excited to donwload and then starting to found out the link has broken. huuuu~~~ somebody helpt me upload this once again.i have the 69th kouhaku.after im finished upload it into my drive,i`ll send the link to you then.

*NB: Laporan error tanpa screenshot akan diabaikan. / Error report without screenshot will be declined

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